Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Death of a Man

"I once lived," breathed the man. And then he was gone. And then there was darkness. But then there was pure white light. And love. And energy.

They say the penis stiffens upon death. This is why.

What they don't say, is that said penis can be removed from the body, and boiled, and sliced, and eaten, and it will taste a little like this pure love.

And give you an erection like no other erection you have ever had. Your penis will be 2.6 inches longer than ever before.

And your penis will be yellow. A flattering yellow, not a jaundice yellow. A yellow like gold.

And your semen will be whiter than you could ever imagine. White like the whiteness of the afterlife.

And women who swallow said semen will become pregnant. And their baby will be smart.