Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Patricia and Mung Mung in Rich Pleasure

"Oh honey, Patty, Oh Patty Patty" repeated Mung Mung as he involuntary penis glided through Patricia's Greedy Hatch. "Mung Mung you animal you are all I want in sex," shouted Patricia. They shouted pleasure at eachother as they came up and down in the tub. Patricia clawed at the tub. "Patricia I am never leaving inside you in this tub" shouted Mung Mung. Patricia's Greedy Patch contorted in pleasure as Mung Mung's spiraling bludgeoned cock enters it. They shared in pleasureful metallic shell as Mung Mung threw himself in heaven against metal tub. The tub filled with excited juice, excited for lusting a couple.

Mung Mung's Lust for Virgin Patricia

Patricia pounded Mung Mung on his shining, small cock. He screamed from untouched pleasure. He clasped Patricia's waiting buttocks with his feet and buried his head between her legs. They became a sex pleasure tangled mess. And wreathed like together a spider of ecstasy. Patricia had found true love in Mung Mung's Pleasing Club, and Mung Mung in Patricia's Thick Juicer of a waiting butt. They came together and the bed shook like a tickety old bridge under a truck and the bed seemed pleased and satisfied. Mung Mung withdrew his cool sex solution and lay it across Patricia's stomach, while Patricia complained from pleasure.

Patricia's Virgin Lusts for Mung Mung

Patricia was masturbating in anticipation of Mung Mung. When he entered - completely nude - he quickly entered a hole. He lusted for all her holes. "Oh honey I have waited for you" he moaned. She moaned as a response and whispered at his one penis "I want rubbish cock." They rolled on the bedsheets and exited and entered her hole. When he climaxed, he screamed for her more, "I want you all the time now!" he screamed. Her breasted chest shook violently, and they sat happy as if after a filling meal.

Mung Mung's Big Sex Starved Sex

Mung Mung could not take it any longer. He wanted to have some sex. He could not wait for Patricia to return, but he knew her new experiences around the world would make her skillful. She came back, and before Mung Mung could even say how much he wanted to have sex with her she was on top of him naked. They had sex so uncontrollably because of her absence. The sex turned out to be everything Mung Mung had hoped it would be.

Patricia's Hungry Urge

Mung Mung walked in just as Patricia pulled down her underwear. He would kill for this opportunity. Patricia also was not disappointed at this chance for huge pleasure. Mung Mung's cheeks turned as apples as Patricia began licking his cold zipper. "You make me aroused Patricia." Patricia finished removing her clothes and started dancing in a way that would turn a monk into wanting to have sex. Mung Mung took off his shorts and produced a penis. "Oh my God," Patricia exclaimed and they screwed like caged animals fighting over their freedom.

The Puffy Slender Gape

Patricia moaned like a tractor. Mung Mung's cock was hard as a frozen slab of ice. Patricia bobbed up and down on his melon in a cadence. It was an organized display of unconstrained urge. Patricia was hungry for frequent sex, and Mung Mung would always be happy to oblige. "Oh... get off my cock honey" Mung Mung groaned. "Get off, get off." Patricia threw her arms in the air to climax. This sex was efficient, it was an oiled machine in good performance, and was to be the best sex of Mung Mung's life.


Lisa was at home bird-watching out her window when the phone rang. She put down her binoculars and picked up the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" said Lisa.

"What are you wearing?" said a voice not unlike Charles Bronson's.

"Who is this?" Lisa asked.

"Charles Bronson."


"That's right."

Lisa didn't say anything. She just slid her hand up her leg and into her wet pussy, wetter than a fleshlight.

"What are you wearing?" Charles Bronson asked again.

"My bird-watching outfit."

Charles Bronson moaned loudly into the phone and a splurt was heard. He hung up the phone.

Lisa listened to the dial tone a moment, then hung up the phone as well. She retired to her bedroom and played pussy games with her pussy. She'd poke at her pussy then slap her pussy than rub her clitoral button like nobody's business. She rubbed it so hard and fast it felt like fire. Then she squirted pussy juice all down her bird-watching pants. It was the best orgasm of her life.

Sex Boat

It was a night like this that I first saw the Sex Boat out on the ocean. I was fishing for pretty rocks on my rowboat when I saw it out on the horizon. It looked like a giant cock with sails. It was the Sex Boat of legend, for sure.

I rowed out to it. On the deck was a woman with tits like basketballs, and painted as such, standing next to a tall, black basketball player who would slap the woman's basketball tits, making the woman cum with every third or fourth slap. They didn't see me. There was a rope coming down not too far away so I rowed to the rope and tied it to my boat and then climbed the rope up to the deck.

On the deck were women with all sorts of different types of titties and vaginas and men with all sorts of giant cocks. Everyone was naked and mingling. Still, nobody noticed me. I took my clothes off to fit in. I have a small penis like the eraser on a pencil, but I can shoot shotgun blasts of cum out of it. I'd find my place on the Sex Boat, I hoped. I mingled with the people not fucking and talked about ocean stuff to break the ice. I explained the difference between a rock and a fish on more than one occasion. Nobody seemed to want to make me their fuck partner.

Then a woman standing off to the side of the boat caught my eye. She had really pokey tits like Woody Woodpecker's nose. I wanted her to peck my wood. I wanted to peck her pussy. I went over to her and told her about all sorts of rocks that live in the ocean. She nodded and laughed genuinely at all the best places to laugh. I liked her. I told her so. She suggested we fuck. I nodded, and she led me down to a cabin at the bottom of the boat.

In the cabin, we kissed a lot. She looked at my cock. "I thought it would get bigger," she said. "It doesn't," I said. "Okay," she said. She was disappointed but too well mannered to walk out. "Can I fuck you?" I asked. "Okay," she said. I began fucking her.

Half-way into the fuck I heard commotion. I opened the door while fucking her and peered down the hallway. Pirates. I pulled my cock out and took it between my thumb and forefinger. Five pirates ran toward me, wanting to take my woman and my money. I masturbated furiously and shot several shotgun blasts of cum that ripped through their flesh and organs from the sheer force of it. They all died.

Everyone on the boat was happy with me for killing the pirates. They all let me fuck them in every way you can possibly fuck someone. I wouldn't cum in them though, because then they'd die. Instead I came on the pirates again, further destroying their flesh and bones and organs with my blasts. It was the best birthday of my entire life.

Cum Soup for the Slut

The slut Brandy came into the restaurant on an afternoon not unlike this. I knew she was a slut cause her shirt said 'Slut' in #FF66CC pink.

The slut Brandy had big blonde hair that made you think of fucking. Her blonde hair had curves like her body did, and boy did her body have curves. Her breasts were top choice. Her ass was her safety school. She had a tongue ring and a belly button ring and both were little diamond dicks. To be sure, this was a girl who could make cum come out a dick.

She sat down by the window and I zipped over to her and gave her a menu. My dick was hard as gravel as she took the menu from my hands and looked at the words on it. She looked at my erection, then back at the menu. So hot.

"I'll have the tomato soup," said the slut Brandy, coyly.

"Right on," I said. I winked. She winked. Staring at her, my dick was a veiny firework about to blowup.

I made my way back to the kitchen and my penis went down. I gave her order to the chef. The chef made her food. I took her food back to the table and when I was next to her again my dick went hard again and wanted to blowup.

"Looks good," she said, as I placed the soup in front of her.

"Right on," I said.

"Needs cream though," she said. She smiled at me, her mouth open so I could see the glistening little cock on her tongue.

I pulled my dick out of my pants. It looked like a purple vibrator, it was so veiny.

"I know a lot about dicks," she said, making conversation, "and your dick is A+."

I nodded and jerked my dick off. Five pumps and my dick blewup. Hot cummy cum shot out my purple dick all over the table and into her soup.

"This is great!" she said, ecstatic. She stirred the cum into the soup. "I will lick up the cum that went on the table for dessert."

"Right on," I said. She winked at me. I winked back. "Are you on Myspace?" I asked.

"No," she said, "but I have a Xanga."

We became Xanga boyfriend and girlfriend and had sloppy fucks every day and loved each other. Now we're married. We have a baby. We have a special pump for her breasts so she can pump milk out to feed the baby with at another time. We also have a pump for my dick so she can drink my cum at another time. Sometimes the baby drinks the breast milk from a bottle while my wife drinks my cum from a bottle. I stand in the doorway and laugh at them. They switched the bottles up by accident!

Jenny's Ass

Jenny had a great ass. She had an ass like a piece of food you wanted to eat. Bob stared at it every day because Jenny was a stripper. Bob was the bouncer. Bouncer Bob, they called him. "Hey, Bouncer Bob." This is the type of thing that would be said.

Bob was staring at Jenny's ass one day in particular. Bob was a big guy with a big gut and a big head and a big face and a big nose and a big cock. He wore glasses. He listened to Cowboy Bebop soundtrack cassette tapes on his coby walkman while he bounced at the bar. No one knew this.

Suddenly, Bob jumped on stage and pulled his pants down and fucked Jenny's ass right in the anus. She was taken by surprise, and then horniness. Nobody stopped him, everyone just watched. Yoko Kanno was playing in Bob's ears. Motley Crue was playing on the strip club PA system.

Bob fucked Jenny's ass for a few minutes in total. Then he pulled his big cock out and shot a massive load all over her back and the load dripped down her back into her hair and onto the floor and down the hall and everywhere. Then he pushed Jenny and Jenny slid on all of the cum like a slip and slide and she shot out the strip club doors and into the night and she stopped being a stripper and she got a real job and Bob moved in with her and they fucked every day for the rest of their lives and they had children and bills and mortgage and everything to take care of.


Barry had a big cock. He used it to masturbate most every day, thrice a day. His maid Elfriede once walked in upon a particularly concentrated masturbation session.

"Oh, I'm sorry Barry," Elfriede gasped.

"Oh," Barry gasped. "Excuse my cock."

Elfriede hurried out of the room and masturbated in the washroom. It was a good masturbation. And her last. Elfriede died of typhoid the following hour.

The Empire

Curtis had been to the dive bar many times before. He went there for a very specific reason: a reason to get laid and pussy. This was a given for Curtis. He had grown up in a village on the sea. Most of his sexual experience growing up had been on his own. Sure, he could commit a masturbation death-stroke. But what he really wanted was a place to put his ejaculate. He wanted to feel a mons pubis and he would thrust to find out.

Curtis sat and tapped his fingers on the table. A small tear formed in his right eye. One semen-soaked fuck noticed the salty scent of his tear, even over the wretched cum-stench of her own apparel.

“Hey big man, looking for a lay,” she said desperately. Curtis had been through this routine many times before. The two would go to a back room with slippery floors. After some ample grind, Curtis would pull out his cock but refuse to penetrate. He always had a firm erection, but lacked the fuck-skills to pop it in. Sometimes he felt cursed and desperate, but he always came back to try again.

“Hey shaky woman, fuck it up now,” he said back. She kissed her hand as he said the words. This action caused Curtis' mind to erupt with brilliant flashes of light. He saw planets and stars. He saw galaxies unfolding before him. He witnessed thick tits as he sat in sloppy soaps. His head was spinning for a new kind of fuck.

The two began to kiss as the bar twisted into a fury of pumping mass. Everyone was fucking and encouraging juice loss. Women moaned as creamy cum-blasts dribbled like basketballs. Curtis and the slut became lifted into the air by an unknown force. As Curtis' mind remained on fire, the slut's tits burst out of her shirt. He tried frantically to grab them but faced grainy fuck-slip. She moaned as he desperately grabbed. Curtis knew this time would be different, however. He released his cock from the mountain-range of his pants and prepared to slide within her mounds.

She spread her legs apart revealing a bridge of sorts. It was a first generation suspension bridge and seemed somewhat rickety. His cock navigated in-between the ropes and found solace in her valley. He rapidly began to thrust. Semen from previous encounters had thoroughly lubed her and he was able to attain mega-fuck. She munched on his napkin while the fuck rolled on. Her pleasure almost became pain as all of her nerves lit on pleasure-fire. Curtis hoisted his arms into the air as she contorted her massive, planet-like body into orbit. She rocked back and forth until he could not contain his sperms. Curtis had visions of his childhood, the present, and his future as the mega-fuck occurred.

The sperms raced up his tubes as the memories raced through his mind, the release like poison. The woman creamed as Curtis felt forgotten. He had shed his previous mind and was unprepared to inhabit a new one. Curtis fell to the floor and shattered like broken glass. His semen dripped onto his shattered body from the snatch of a slut.

Sex Shit

His cock. so long and cum filled, was inserted into the side of the cake. This would be no ordinary filled cake. It would be for his wife and she was beautiful. Every dessert demanded cock and every cock demanded cum. He had saved up his cum as to fill the cake and his wife's plump pussy, both in the same night.

She entered the room as he finished up the cake. Thankfully he had sealed up the cum spout with some leftover shit from an earlier anal fuck fest.

"My God, Richard. The cake, the man, the cock!" screamed his wife. She ripped off her turgid bra revealing long, ripe nipples. Her milk soaked through her cum soaked shirt as his already secondary erection erupted from his shorts. He penetrated so far that the cum entered her mind as well as her pussy. He retracted as her juices were absorbed into his meat. The orgasm was incredible for the two. As they rest, they indulged in cum cake. "Alas, a perfect birthday," thought the cum-soaked bitch.

Poochie Pussy

His cock went in and out of her barking pussy. Her pubic hair was bundled together and thick. They would catch any cums that landed above her clit-catch.

I watched the naughty couple from afar. He groped at her ridged tits like a desperate man groping for crime. She moaned for more cock in her rug. He grunted as the thrust approached mega-fuck.

Her body arched as a ripple of cums ripped upward through her body system. I noticed she was coughing. Cum lungs. The ailment of kinky teens. She would be okay though. He was feeding her addiction for cums and he needed her dog to keep his bone thick. These were horny teens. So wet and thick. I checked my watch and jumped into my limo. I had a plane to catch.

Mega Melt

John and his new girlfriend were making love on his neighbor Marvin's bed. Marvin was always gone on these kinky trips, so John found ample time to sneak in and carry out a lethal fuck.

Marvin was pumping in and out of her stenched snatch. She moaned orally as he sucked on her nipples. He was aggressive. She wanted his cums at all costs. John's erection was hard: his veins were bulged out and the girlfriend could feel them on her pussy walls.

John then asked his girlfriend to suck on his sperms. He was pumping so hard though that he cummed quick into her. She moaned as it passed by her sperm-sensors. Her orgasm was long and speculative. She moaned and howled as Marvin walked in, melted dick and all. He had already mega-fucked 10 or so models. The girlfriend was disappointed. She was surrounded by 2 melted dicks and no more sperms were to be found.


Mick coughed as a glob of semen got stuck in his hairy throat. Food wasn't as good in the camp as it was at home, but Mick knew this before he signed up.

"Don't hog all the semen, Mick" said Chris. He was sucking down some semen himself, but Mick had most of it.

"Just get some more, Chris," said Mick. Chris reached over toward the bare breasts and rubbed the nipple until a bright white stream of semen sputtered onto their plates. The men were just happy to be eating during this time of famine.

Flower Penis

A nude girl thrust her head backward, sending her long flowing hair in every direction. As it turned out, she was walking by Jim's Corporate Office and Jim was having a meeting with some very important foreign clients in the room nearest the window.

Jim spoke: "As you can see here, this graph demonstrates the projected increase in our annual erection..." He stood silently for a moment to regain his thoughts. The woman continued shaking her head about and her large, narrow breasts giggled to and fro. It was too late for Jim, however. The translator in the room had already began translating his slip up verbatim to these hungry guests.

Jim's erection had begun growing at this point. His zipper was beginning to bulge. It had torn through his boxer shorts and was grinding against his zipper. Jim felt a trickle of blood as his flesh was torn by the razor sharp zipper.

By this time, the business men had forgotten about the meeting. They all began masturbating as the woman's breasts jiggled back and forth. The foreigners didn't notice however when pens were slid in to their rapidly moving, masturbating hands which then signed away their company's capital to Jim's Corporate Office. The woman was only a hologram, but Jim's penis was real.