Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breast Man

I love big beautiful breasts. The bigger the better. The more beautiful the better. The breastier the better. The better the better. I love breasts so badly that it makes my cock hard. Sometimes when I think about breasts while stroking my cock, cum comes out of my cock. That is how much I like breasts.

I like the feel of breasts. They feel like pillows made out of skin and fat. I want to rest on skin and fat so I rest on breasts. They feel so good. I feel like a great man when I sleep on a breast. Breasts make me tired and sleepy. Also hard and ready to fuck.

My favorite thing about breasts is probably the nipples. Nipples are the centerpiece of the breast. Even science knows this. Nipples come in all sorts of diameters and radii and types. My favorite nipples are puffy nipples. They make a man feel welcome enough to cum on all of a woman's things including her fine china. I don't know why this is.

Sometimes I see breasts in the street just bouncing around on women's chests. I want to go over to these women and shake them up and down so the breasts bounce even more. I want to shake them so bad that the women pass out and then I can cum on them in peace.

In conclusion, I do not think Barack Obama is a suitable candidate for president. He has no experience other than being a community organizer and a felon. Thank you.

Sex Blood Bath

He slit open the virgin's neck and let the blood spray all over his wife's pussy. The virgin's dying words were muffled by the couple's loud sounds of pleasure. The man rubbed the blood all over his wife's breasts, paying careful attention to the nipples. As he rubbed blood and throat juices there, he licked it off carefully and cleanly.

The man thrust deeply into his wife; at the same time he stabbed a knife deeply into a nearby man's abdomen. As he fucked his wife deeper, he carved up the man's insides. A semen-like stream of blood rushed from the disembowelment and sprayed onto the wife's head. She moaned as blood ran down her face and smiled as she thought of what they would do next.

The wife slid her husband's erect cock out from her pussy and reached inside the disemboweled man's disembowelment. She grabbed a handful of organ parts, mostly liver and small intestine, and proceeded to wrap them around the cock of her husband. She began furiously stroking his cock with the organ parts. The man, being fully aroused, quickly reached orgasm. As he came, he grabbed the gun on the table and shot a teenage girl directly through the brain. As she collapsed on the floor, the wife put her bleeding head onto the table saw and began sawing it in half. Brains sprayed all over the man's glasses until he made a joke about only seeing brains. The man's semen fell upon the teenager's mangled body as if it had found its final resting place. It would only the final resting place for a very short while; the wife quickly smothered her tits in the bloody semen mixture on the teenage corpse, causing it to drip onto the floor.

Suddenly the prominent, well-liked politician woke from his nap. He would need to change his underwear because he had climaxed during one of his dream-fantasies again and needed to deliver a speech in one hour. The politician was unsure if his dreams were real. He pondered this thought as he munched on a decapitated head in his office.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cunt of L'Arrak-Krrah

In the far reaches of the galaxies, far beyond anything you could possibly conceive, exists a planet known as L'Arrak-Krrah. On this planet, there is cunt. The cunt smell sweet like they were sewn from strands of sunlight and the cunt look like a mirror reflecting the sun into the sun into the sun.

Joseph Starfuck crash landed onto L'Arrak-Krrah one morning. All the cunt were out to pasture. He headed towards them, his cock rock hard and pointing straight ahead toward the cunt. He fucked each and every cunt in the pasture. Afterwards he lay on the space-grass and stared up at the space-sky. And out came Farmer Brown.

"WHY YOU FUCKIN MY CUNTS?" Farmer Brown said.

Joseph Starfuck shot Farmer Brown in the head with his space-laser and then went over and took a piss on a space-mango tree. He would live here for another 500 years, fucking cunt and pissing on mango trees.

R.I.P. Joseph Starfuck
10,045 AD - 10,590 AD

The Lick

He lay beside her nude body and cupped her breasts as he thrusted into her. She moaned with pleasure as she felt the extension of his body in her own. They had been waiting for this moment of sex for a long time; he was a writer and was always traveling and she was a lonely woman of the house. The man, determined to perform well, was focusing on anything he could to ensure that his climax was not premature.

"I would like a little more speed," she moaned. He answered he request with a little more speed. Not too much though, because that would cause him to cum. As his thrust occurred, he found himself facing an unrelenting force of cock-stimulation. He tried to think of sports, but it was too much. He thought of a heavily armored space craft in the heat of battle; that did nothing as well. He was concerned about an early splash, even though she was moaning like a waterfall. He had to figure it out. Was it her pussy, the lick or maybe both? Her vagina had a piece in it that by all means should be called a tongue. However, in hopes of keeping tongues mouth-exclusive, they called it the lick and carried on fucking like normal sex-fucks.

He reached his hands into the air as he felt his blow coming. It was definitely the lick; he had determined this when he rested his cock for a brief second and still felt the pleasure-touch. He felt the orgasm coming and let it release. The cums shot into her tightness and the lick moved them about. His penis had become sensitive after the cum and the lick was too much. He quickly pulled out, accidentally hitting his head on the corner of the nightstand. He passed out cold.

The next morning the man woke up to breakfast in bed with his fuckable wife. They fucked amongst eggs and toast and hoisted a banner of the American flag above the sex. Post-cum wounds always led to breakfast-fuck and he knew it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Martin sat at his desk, anxiously watching the minutes tick away as he waited for Friday afternoon to end. He had finished all of his work nearly an hour ago and was prepared to leave as soon as the clock struck the next hour. He did one final quick look over his desk. The papers were in order. The inbox was empty and the outbox was full. Martin had done everything necessary for the week. There was one thing he missed, however.

As Martin idled on his computer, he noticed a tiny spot of cum on a frequently overlooked corner of his desk.
"Funny, I thought I cleaned up all that creamy cum," thought Martin to himself. He pulled out a moist towelette from his pocket and promptly wiped up the cum. He sat and reminisced about the circumstances in which the cum had been produced.

Martin had been working on a document for his boss when he suddenly found himself with a raging erection. He rubbed it rapidly, trying to hide it. He was unsuccessful though; Cindy his co-worker spotted it and advanced toward the sexually charged being.
"Martin, I see your cock is ready for a jostled power-fuck," Cindy said seductively. Her words made his groin tingle and his testicles began to vibrate. His hands began to vibrate as he tried to unbutton his shirt in silence. "In a hurry, huh," asked Cindy. "I can fuck a fast-fuck if I need to."

"Cindy, I am ready to be fucked," gargled Martin. His shirt was already removed and his stomach was pulsating. He noticed she was already nude and running her hands all over her salted breasts. She sauced a small amount as she approached him. He put his arms around her and kissed her powerfully. She moaned as his kiss was completed.

"I need penetration," she cried out. She rested her hand on a LaserJet printer that was in his tiny cubicle and climbed up on his office chair. His cock was long enough to reach her, so he reached her. The cock slid in quickly. There was no turning back. She howled as the cock entered. "The cock," she thought.

The two began the power-fuck. There was some light kissing, but he wasn't interested in kissing with a set of breasts in front of his beard. He ran his lips all over the breasts and he salivated as he thought of the breasts. As he thrusted, he picked up his mousepad and slowly slid it along her chest. She moaned as the fibers of the pad ever so tickled her portion. His cock was feeling her juices as they dripped on his office chair. "Good thing I keep a plastic covering on the chair," thought Martin. It could be quickly disposed of after a morrow-fuck. Cindy had her hands on her head and was riding him like a sausage. His vibrating body tickled her clit-catch and she moaned as she neared the O-gasm.

"C-c-c-cum," she howled as he continued to power-thrust. He received an e-mail on his computer that instructed him to do some mundane task. The computers were set up to immediately turn on the webcam if the e-mail wasn't replied to within 30 seconds. Martin forgot to reply and his webcam became enabled. His boss could then witness the lift-off sex. Martin lodged Cindy's head between two filing cabinets and picked her up and fucked her the hardest yet. She came and the cum ran through her hair. He came as well and the cum dripped around her mons pubis and labia. He smoothed out her breasts after completing the fuck so she could re-bra them. Martin's quondam erection was still slightly hard after the cum.

After sex, their boss came into the cubicle and helped them get dressed. He had brought them a cool beverage and did not demand sex in return. "Witnessing power-fuck is good enough for me," he snorted. They thought that they had cleaned everything up, but the tiny spot of cum on the unused portion of the desk slipped by.

"I have a great boss," Martin said to himself as he prepared to penetrate the weekend.

Black Cock

This is a story of the first black cock I ever encountered. All names and locations have been changed.

It was during my first expedition on Mars. I had been the top of my class at astronaut school, and I had a perfect set of 36DD breasts. My landing strip was 1" wide and my asshole was bleached.

Among my crew was a black man named d'Artagnan. He was with us to study gravitational pulls. One day at the Mars space station, d'Artagnan and I were riding the space elevator.

"What a nice day," d'Artagnan said.

I nodded.

d'Artagnan pulled out his fully erect black cock. My legs immediately went weak and I fell to my knees and sucked it. When he came, the cum floated around in globules. We did not clean it up afterward. It floated around for days in that space elevator, and nobody ever mentioned it, even though everyone had to ride that elevator every day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The two couple was sitting on top of a hill, gazing at the stars. They shared a kiss now and then. Although the action was somewhat kinky, they limited it to light pecks, saving more action for a later date.

"It is so beautiful to be here with you," whispered Shindig. She was a beautiful girl with thick curves and a well-cut. She swatted at a fly that was caressing her large, supple breasts. "Curse you, fly," she cried as she shook her voluptuous breasts. Ripples flowed through her cleavage like water on the surface of a pond. Her bra was hardly maintaining the shape of her mammoth mammaries.

"Shindig, what is the reason for such shaking," asked Skethe. He had a big cock, but he was not about to use it for a fly issue. He reached his hands down his pants and began to stroke his monster. His handle got tangled in the elastic band of his underwear and he blushed as he nervously struggled to untangle it.

"Skethe, you know I need that thing you've got," moaned Shindig. She could feel a simple thing near her clit and it was no insect. She reached her hand through her pussy again and again as Skethe tried to untangle his hand from the elastic wasteland. Juices began to flow from her twat masquerade. They promptly lubricated the ground and Skethe found himself slipping as he tried to free his hand. Using his other hand, he tried to free his stuck hand. It also got stuck as well, and Skethe fell tongue-first into the clit juice that he was sliding on. It went into his mouth, deeply.

"Shindig, please give me a place for this cock," cried Skethe. He coughed as the clit juice filled his lungs. His denim pants merely separated to free his cock. They vanished just as quickly as they had split. With the vanishing came the freedom of Skethe's hands. He promptly squeezed the breasts of Shindig as she swatted her clit. His cock rolled into her train slot almost immediately. Skethe thrusted with a fury that only a dead man could know. Shindig's moans were heard for miles as she became multi-fucked. The planets were aligned in the sky as the hill lit up with the fury of one hundred ejaculations. Skethe's cums were space-like and faced a launch unlike any typical star mission. The couple enjoyed the flaming sperms as they sat, once again, gazing at the stars.

Slave Business

"What's with this slave business," cried Sandra, his wife.

"I'm not sure, dear," responded Martin, his husband. The two had embraced earlier. It was obvious by the small deposit of sperms at the foot of the bed. Sandra shouted as Martin rose to go shower, but it was too late. His foot landed in the sperms and they were instantly reabsorbed into his body. He turned back toward her.

"Must...fuck," he shouted as these new urges and impulses took over his regular mind. He was a thinker at work, but at home, he was a fucker. "I told you, don't leave the sperms around," he yelled as he unsheathed his cock once again and began to gargle his own saliva rapidly. Sound waves filled the room as his cock thumped madly against his mons pubis. Sandra's legs evaporated apart. Her juices had dried, only temporarily, however. She shifted her body around and began to moan as she imagined the re-release of sperms. She was a firm believer that even the same sperms could be sexy at least a second time.

The two thrusted quickly and moanedly as they approach sky-fuck. What they did not know is that they were pawns in a game of sexual chess. He and the woman both belonged to the sperms, not vice versa as expected. For the selfish sperms, this saucy act was just a way to go on a wild journey from tube to twat. The couple would fuck again once more before the sperms were satisfied for that day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dick Adventure from Binnie

The strong man, Franz, and the suptius lass, Binnie, were about to meet after a thousand days of no sex. They embraced waiting hands into others, a knowing waiting sweaty clasp. Both were hot with anticipating sex. Their clothes disappeared into a sunset stained with semen and waiting beds. Their bed was waiting with glowing want. They climbed into eachother into the bed and melded into them. A dick in a pussy was the only thing now, now that they were together they could pursue this. His dick was ample, and her pussy was knowing. Her suptius, knowing pink puff, wanted him, knowing about his dick. Her juice cutter seemed to stretch around his plumping snake cock. They pierced it, and came to orgasm with desire, wanting eachother more. It doesn't stop.