Sunday, April 8, 2012

Who Came Through Time

The device was quite simple. A small bucket that is hung from a hard dick. The hard part was keeping the semen flowing. This required that the penis be connected to a real man. A time traveling man.

We all know them. They walk down the streets like time doesn't exist. When you lay down with them their semen stops time for you, if only for a moment. The bucket was simply a way to collect their cum.

From the bucket emerged a tube and from the tube a strange device covered in cogs emitting steam. Steam punk bullshit because some people get off to the whistling piston moving in and out of the machine. The spunk was then injected back into his prostate. Time was fully under his control.

He Came For Us. One by one. An entire back pack of women. His massive stilts carrying us across time. The man was very keen in his endeavor. When we complained he took only a single drop of blood from his heart and put it on our tongues. We chirped like nestlings.

One day the man came across a beautiful woman. She too was a time traveler. Her wet lips stretched across a time saddle. When they made the eyes at each other time got funny. They couldn't fuck. Their genitals were all that stood between them and timeshit.

The man and woman began to pull us out of their back packs. They watched as we did terrible things. They traveled along our time. Making us orgasm for a million years. Many of us died. One of us managed to grab the woman's clit. She stopped in time. We all hit the windshield and when we did not let go the woman told the man that they had to fuck.

The man removed his device and the woman her's. We were all tranformed into a being that you have come to call god. The man became Adam and the woman Eve. They fucked all of humanity into being.

Happy Easter.

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