Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chinese Homosexuality Proverb

The following is a translation of an ancient Chinese proverb:

Boar is at edge of river sipping river. Venerable mouse slips through grass and up leg of boar. Mouse is inside anus of boar before boar begins realization of occurrence of wrongdoing.

"Who is in there," the boar asks.

"I will only be a second," says mouse. The boar hears this reply from within.

Mouse climbs onto male g-spot of boar and begins nuzzling it with its head. Boar begins tingling from head to toe, and a landslide of cum shoots out of penis of boar.

"Why?" boar asks. "Why has this happened?"

"Homosexuality is not a choice," mouse replies, from within boar. "It is a rape."

Boar nods. Single tear drops from eye faucet socket into river, tainting river. As river is drank by nearby village, village is cautioned through all fabric of being against homosexual acts before a single homosexualrapist is born.


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