Monday, December 14, 2009

Grey's Analatomy

I put my glove on as fast I could and then shoved my fingers into her birth canal. She groaned a woman's moan. I grimaced as I felt the walls of her vaginae, searching for clues.

"Anything?" she asked, breathy.

"Only pussy," I smiled.

Staring up at her, past her pubis mons and her navel and her mammaries, we locked eyes. She licked her lips at me, causing my penis to engage in engorgement.

Suddenly, I felt something amiss inside her. A large, round, textured mound. It slipped into my grip and I carefully pulled it of her vaginael opening.

"Do you play golf?" I asked, holding the golf ball up for her to see.

"Oh my, I'm so embarrassed!" She blushed.

"You must be a terrible player to have hit a ball so badly that it would end up inside of you."

"This is true."

She was hurt, and I had caused the hurt. This was a no-no, according to the Hippocratic oath.

"I am sorry for speaking to you that way," I apologized. "Let me make it up to you with food at night."

"How about you make it up to me right now?" She slipped her foot off the stirrup and undid my fly with her toes. My penis popped out and dripped pre-ejaculatory fluid down her foot, leg, and into her womanhood.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed. "That can contain semen!"

"How dare you!" she yelled, panicked.

"I must destroy the baby! I must destroy the baby!" I began bashing her stomach with my fists, furiously.

"Harder! Harder! Get rid of it!"

A rogue punch flew and hit her in the face, instantly murdering her from punch to the face wound.

"What have I done!" I yelled at the fluorescent ceiling light. "What have I done!" I put on my stethoscope and put the hearing-bit to my head in order to know what I was thinking. I was still thinking about vaginae. I masturbated to the sound of my thoughts through the stethoscope, and ejaculated onto the newly-dead patient.

Oh, the caverns of the heart
so stuffed-full of art,
and the lions roar heavy
on a pale moon skye.

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