Sunday, December 6, 2009

Areolas: A Manifesto

The proletariat breast is true breast. Large areola, serving transition from nipple to breast meat.

The elite breast is unsatisfactory. Small nipple with small or non-existent areola like a man's nipple. Need be extincted.

Man's nipple need not be passed on to women to have. Bad design. Not 'happening'.

Proletariat, it is projected, will out-create elites at infant-creation 10:1 in coming harvest. A good thing. Better breasts for future generations.

Society run on breasts. Need to survive. A standard valuable and venerable more so than gold.

Paper money is creation of elite. Helps to keeping breasts small areola. Fiat paper money system needs a destruction. It is time.

Large areola must only exist. Make better an social construct. Possible to eliminate sadness in men.

Now is time make fire.

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