Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girl Cube

He felt around in the dark. “What have I gotten myself into this time?” he thought. She was in the bed somewhere. He dug through the blankets until he finally found what he assumed was his date for the evening. She was drunk and passed out. He was extremely riled up; six months without sex had driven this man to near insanity. He began losing his mind and ended up at his co-worker's party; the man was normally content with sitting inside on a Friday evening, curled up with a good book. She had invited plenty of people over of all shapes and sizes and tonight. He could not leave without sex.

He forgot to bring a condom. “It doesn't matter,” he thought. He remembered earlier when she had said she was on the pill and hoped that she took it routinely. This man's sexual desperation, however, would have led him to fuck her regardless of her birth control status. He was usually a rational man, but he would resolve this matter in the most animalistic fashion and hope for the best.

He continued to dig. Finally he found her. He began to count her sides. “Six,” he cried. This was the woman. Although she was passed out, he still went through the routines of foreplay. He talked dirty to her and rubbed himself all over her body, sometimes gently and sometimes a little more rough. He would kiss her deeply and prepare to actually penetrate her, something he had been waiting for for the longest time. He would feel the surrounding warmth of her wet pussy around his cock. He would fill her with his cum and go home much happier after doing so.

His throbbing cock was ready; he couldn't find any openings, however. “This is a girl, right?” he said to himself. He remembered how beautiful she looked earlier at the party. He basically drooled over her voluptuous breasts and curvacious body. Her hair was beautiful, long and flowing. She would run her hand through it as she dug in her mind for a topic just on the tip of her tongue during conversation. He found her mannerisms to be utterly adorable. She was a beautiful woman and he was fortunate to be concluding a six month dry spell of sex with her. The man's cock was leaking pre-cum and he was ready to fuck.

“I'll just masturbate and try to find her vagina when I'm about to cum,” he thought. He simply couldn't wait any longer and being as she was passed out, there wasn't anything she could do for him. He began masturbating. The room was dark so he did his best to illuminate his mind with the vivid memories of her body from the hours before. He continued to rapidly slide his hand up and down the shaft of his cock as he approached orgasm. His body was quivering with anticipation. With his free hand, he began feeling around her six sides. He was going to ejaculate very quickly. “Shit,” he yelled as he realized he wasn't going to find anything to penetrate. His body relaxed as the jet-stream of semen was produced. It shot out of his cock and landed on at least two of her sides. After recomposing himself post-orgasm, he lay down, lonely and miserable from another failed attempt at sex.

He had tried to ejaculate inside her, but he could not; she was a girl cube.

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