Monday, November 30, 2009

The Prophetess

Walking down the road she was born on, vagina of her mother shitting her onto burning black tar mixed with crushed stones. She was vengeful and lucid. This dream would not pass before she found the woman who's coitus had created this monstrosity she considered herself. The deeper she went into this suburban hell though the more the cum caped doors beckoned her back to wakefulness. She fought; violently piercing all ten of her orifices hoping against hope that she would find her. Then in the distance she saw the abomination seething the world out from its silken folds. Mother and goddess engorged with undeserved ecstasy. The closer she came the deeper her naked feet sank into the deepening folds that the road was becoming. She began to swim through her mother's female cum; penis of her father tied tightly to her back. She had searched the world of dreams her entire life hoping that she could one day finish what her father started. And as she began to climb the maternal pubic forest she her mother began to moan; deep moans, moans that shook mountains, forced boy's to cum for the first time and impregnated untapped vaginas. This moan she was prepared for placing a single drop of semen into each ear as mounted the pubic mound. Feeling the penis of her father grow hard upon her bare back she knew what must be done. Carefully walking up to the sopping hole of her mother she inserted all that remained of her father.

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