Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snow Falling on Peters

A long time ago, an evil witch lived in an igloo not too far from here. It was a large igloo with everything a normal house would have in it. From the inside, you wouldn't even know you were in an igloo. From the outside, it was quite obvious it was an igloo. She made such a good establishment with magic.

She was very good at magic. Card tricks, mostly. One day, three college students were wandering around looking for a beer or something when they found on the igloo.

"Dude, look," said Brad.

"Huh," said Geoffreh.

"*Fart noise*," said Milkinson.

They all went inside the igloo easily because igloos don't have doors. Inside, the witch was watching 30 Rock. She hit pause on her DVR.

"Who are you?" asked the witch.

"Brad," said Brad.

"Geoffreh," said Geoffreh.

"Milkinson," said Milkinson.

"How dare you set foot in my igloo. I will put a magic on you for this," said the witch.

The witch shot magic out of her face, mostly her eyes. It hit all of them easily.

"Ahhhhh," said Brad.

"EEEeesh," said Geoffreh.

Milkinson farted.

The three were affected or effected by the magic (I can't remember which) in a very specific way. They all became her sex slaves instantly and they all were given massive erections.

The witch ordered her slaves outside, and they went out there. Then she made them all strip and lay on their backs. All of them had great peters. She really lucked out.

Their peters stuck straight up in the air as if to say 'ride your pussy onto me.' She did so. She fucked each peter one after the other. Her witch vagina was truly a good vagina. Wet and pink as a watermelon lollipop with saliva on it, but with hair everywhere. Everywhere. (Even on her bum)

After she fucked all the peters she told them, "Your curse is you must lay here paralyzed forever. Snow will cover your peters and then the plow man will come by and plow your peters off. He won't know he's done it."

The three could not respond, as she had now paralyzed them. The witch went back inside and finished her episode of 30 rock, all the while college cum dripping out of her vagina and down her chair.

Later, she would take a shit with the door open. She did this often.

The End.

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