Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sex Boat

It was a night like this that I first saw the Sex Boat out on the ocean. I was fishing for pretty rocks on my rowboat when I saw it out on the horizon. It looked like a giant cock with sails. It was the Sex Boat of legend, for sure.

I rowed out to it. On the deck was a woman with tits like basketballs, and painted as such, standing next to a tall, black basketball player who would slap the woman's basketball tits, making the woman cum with every third or fourth slap. They didn't see me. There was a rope coming down not too far away so I rowed to the rope and tied it to my boat and then climbed the rope up to the deck.

On the deck were women with all sorts of different types of titties and vaginas and men with all sorts of giant cocks. Everyone was naked and mingling. Still, nobody noticed me. I took my clothes off to fit in. I have a small penis like the eraser on a pencil, but I can shoot shotgun blasts of cum out of it. I'd find my place on the Sex Boat, I hoped. I mingled with the people not fucking and talked about ocean stuff to break the ice. I explained the difference between a rock and a fish on more than one occasion. Nobody seemed to want to make me their fuck partner.

Then a woman standing off to the side of the boat caught my eye. She had really pokey tits like Woody Woodpecker's nose. I wanted her to peck my wood. I wanted to peck her pussy. I went over to her and told her about all sorts of rocks that live in the ocean. She nodded and laughed genuinely at all the best places to laugh. I liked her. I told her so. She suggested we fuck. I nodded, and she led me down to a cabin at the bottom of the boat.

In the cabin, we kissed a lot. She looked at my cock. "I thought it would get bigger," she said. "It doesn't," I said. "Okay," she said. She was disappointed but too well mannered to walk out. "Can I fuck you?" I asked. "Okay," she said. I began fucking her.

Half-way into the fuck I heard commotion. I opened the door while fucking her and peered down the hallway. Pirates. I pulled my cock out and took it between my thumb and forefinger. Five pirates ran toward me, wanting to take my woman and my money. I masturbated furiously and shot several shotgun blasts of cum that ripped through their flesh and organs from the sheer force of it. They all died.

Everyone on the boat was happy with me for killing the pirates. They all let me fuck them in every way you can possibly fuck someone. I wouldn't cum in them though, because then they'd die. Instead I came on the pirates again, further destroying their flesh and bones and organs with my blasts. It was the best birthday of my entire life.

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