Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jenny's Ass

Jenny had a great ass. She had an ass like a piece of food you wanted to eat. Bob stared at it every day because Jenny was a stripper. Bob was the bouncer. Bouncer Bob, they called him. "Hey, Bouncer Bob." This is the type of thing that would be said.

Bob was staring at Jenny's ass one day in particular. Bob was a big guy with a big gut and a big head and a big face and a big nose and a big cock. He wore glasses. He listened to Cowboy Bebop soundtrack cassette tapes on his coby walkman while he bounced at the bar. No one knew this.

Suddenly, Bob jumped on stage and pulled his pants down and fucked Jenny's ass right in the anus. She was taken by surprise, and then horniness. Nobody stopped him, everyone just watched. Yoko Kanno was playing in Bob's ears. Motley Crue was playing on the strip club PA system.

Bob fucked Jenny's ass for a few minutes in total. Then he pulled his big cock out and shot a massive load all over her back and the load dripped down her back into her hair and onto the floor and down the hall and everywhere. Then he pushed Jenny and Jenny slid on all of the cum like a slip and slide and she shot out the strip club doors and into the night and she stopped being a stripper and she got a real job and Bob moved in with her and they fucked every day for the rest of their lives and they had children and bills and mortgage and everything to take care of.

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