Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Patricia and Mung Mung in Rich Pleasure

"Oh honey, Patty, Oh Patty Patty" repeated Mung Mung as he involuntary penis glided through Patricia's Greedy Hatch. "Mung Mung you animal you are all I want in sex," shouted Patricia. They shouted pleasure at eachother as they came up and down in the tub. Patricia clawed at the tub. "Patricia I am never leaving inside you in this tub" shouted Mung Mung. Patricia's Greedy Patch contorted in pleasure as Mung Mung's spiraling bludgeoned cock enters it. They shared in pleasureful metallic shell as Mung Mung threw himself in heaven against metal tub. The tub filled with excited juice, excited for lusting a couple.

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