Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flower Penis

A nude girl thrust her head backward, sending her long flowing hair in every direction. As it turned out, she was walking by Jim's Corporate Office and Jim was having a meeting with some very important foreign clients in the room nearest the window.

Jim spoke: "As you can see here, this graph demonstrates the projected increase in our annual erection..." He stood silently for a moment to regain his thoughts. The woman continued shaking her head about and her large, narrow breasts giggled to and fro. It was too late for Jim, however. The translator in the room had already began translating his slip up verbatim to these hungry guests.

Jim's erection had begun growing at this point. His zipper was beginning to bulge. It had torn through his boxer shorts and was grinding against his zipper. Jim felt a trickle of blood as his flesh was torn by the razor sharp zipper.

By this time, the business men had forgotten about the meeting. They all began masturbating as the woman's breasts jiggled back and forth. The foreigners didn't notice however when pens were slid in to their rapidly moving, masturbating hands which then signed away their company's capital to Jim's Corporate Office. The woman was only a hologram, but Jim's penis was real.

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