Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Empire

Curtis had been to the dive bar many times before. He went there for a very specific reason: a reason to get laid and pussy. This was a given for Curtis. He had grown up in a village on the sea. Most of his sexual experience growing up had been on his own. Sure, he could commit a masturbation death-stroke. But what he really wanted was a place to put his ejaculate. He wanted to feel a mons pubis and he would thrust to find out.

Curtis sat and tapped his fingers on the table. A small tear formed in his right eye. One semen-soaked fuck noticed the salty scent of his tear, even over the wretched cum-stench of her own apparel.

“Hey big man, looking for a lay,” she said desperately. Curtis had been through this routine many times before. The two would go to a back room with slippery floors. After some ample grind, Curtis would pull out his cock but refuse to penetrate. He always had a firm erection, but lacked the fuck-skills to pop it in. Sometimes he felt cursed and desperate, but he always came back to try again.

“Hey shaky woman, fuck it up now,” he said back. She kissed her hand as he said the words. This action caused Curtis' mind to erupt with brilliant flashes of light. He saw planets and stars. He saw galaxies unfolding before him. He witnessed thick tits as he sat in sloppy soaps. His head was spinning for a new kind of fuck.

The two began to kiss as the bar twisted into a fury of pumping mass. Everyone was fucking and encouraging juice loss. Women moaned as creamy cum-blasts dribbled like basketballs. Curtis and the slut became lifted into the air by an unknown force. As Curtis' mind remained on fire, the slut's tits burst out of her shirt. He tried frantically to grab them but faced grainy fuck-slip. She moaned as he desperately grabbed. Curtis knew this time would be different, however. He released his cock from the mountain-range of his pants and prepared to slide within her mounds.

She spread her legs apart revealing a bridge of sorts. It was a first generation suspension bridge and seemed somewhat rickety. His cock navigated in-between the ropes and found solace in her valley. He rapidly began to thrust. Semen from previous encounters had thoroughly lubed her and he was able to attain mega-fuck. She munched on his napkin while the fuck rolled on. Her pleasure almost became pain as all of her nerves lit on pleasure-fire. Curtis hoisted his arms into the air as she contorted her massive, planet-like body into orbit. She rocked back and forth until he could not contain his sperms. Curtis had visions of his childhood, the present, and his future as the mega-fuck occurred.

The sperms raced up his tubes as the memories raced through his mind, the release like poison. The woman creamed as Curtis felt forgotten. He had shed his previous mind and was unprepared to inhabit a new one. Curtis fell to the floor and shattered like broken glass. His semen dripped onto his shattered body from the snatch of a slut.

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