Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mega Melt

John and his new girlfriend were making love on his neighbor Marvin's bed. Marvin was always gone on these kinky trips, so John found ample time to sneak in and carry out a lethal fuck.

Marvin was pumping in and out of her stenched snatch. She moaned orally as he sucked on her nipples. He was aggressive. She wanted his cums at all costs. John's erection was hard: his veins were bulged out and the girlfriend could feel them on her pussy walls.

John then asked his girlfriend to suck on his sperms. He was pumping so hard though that he cummed quick into her. She moaned as it passed by her sperm-sensors. Her orgasm was long and speculative. She moaned and howled as Marvin walked in, melted dick and all. He had already mega-fucked 10 or so models. The girlfriend was disappointed. She was surrounded by 2 melted dicks and no more sperms were to be found.

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