Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Martin sat at his desk, anxiously watching the minutes tick away as he waited for Friday afternoon to end. He had finished all of his work nearly an hour ago and was prepared to leave as soon as the clock struck the next hour. He did one final quick look over his desk. The papers were in order. The inbox was empty and the outbox was full. Martin had done everything necessary for the week. There was one thing he missed, however.

As Martin idled on his computer, he noticed a tiny spot of cum on a frequently overlooked corner of his desk.
"Funny, I thought I cleaned up all that creamy cum," thought Martin to himself. He pulled out a moist towelette from his pocket and promptly wiped up the cum. He sat and reminisced about the circumstances in which the cum had been produced.

Martin had been working on a document for his boss when he suddenly found himself with a raging erection. He rubbed it rapidly, trying to hide it. He was unsuccessful though; Cindy his co-worker spotted it and advanced toward the sexually charged being.
"Martin, I see your cock is ready for a jostled power-fuck," Cindy said seductively. Her words made his groin tingle and his testicles began to vibrate. His hands began to vibrate as he tried to unbutton his shirt in silence. "In a hurry, huh," asked Cindy. "I can fuck a fast-fuck if I need to."

"Cindy, I am ready to be fucked," gargled Martin. His shirt was already removed and his stomach was pulsating. He noticed she was already nude and running her hands all over her salted breasts. She sauced a small amount as she approached him. He put his arms around her and kissed her powerfully. She moaned as his kiss was completed.

"I need penetration," she cried out. She rested her hand on a LaserJet printer that was in his tiny cubicle and climbed up on his office chair. His cock was long enough to reach her, so he reached her. The cock slid in quickly. There was no turning back. She howled as the cock entered. "The cock," she thought.

The two began the power-fuck. There was some light kissing, but he wasn't interested in kissing with a set of breasts in front of his beard. He ran his lips all over the breasts and he salivated as he thought of the breasts. As he thrusted, he picked up his mousepad and slowly slid it along her chest. She moaned as the fibers of the pad ever so tickled her portion. His cock was feeling her juices as they dripped on his office chair. "Good thing I keep a plastic covering on the chair," thought Martin. It could be quickly disposed of after a morrow-fuck. Cindy had her hands on her head and was riding him like a sausage. His vibrating body tickled her clit-catch and she moaned as she neared the O-gasm.

"C-c-c-cum," she howled as he continued to power-thrust. He received an e-mail on his computer that instructed him to do some mundane task. The computers were set up to immediately turn on the webcam if the e-mail wasn't replied to within 30 seconds. Martin forgot to reply and his webcam became enabled. His boss could then witness the lift-off sex. Martin lodged Cindy's head between two filing cabinets and picked her up and fucked her the hardest yet. She came and the cum ran through her hair. He came as well and the cum dripped around her mons pubis and labia. He smoothed out her breasts after completing the fuck so she could re-bra them. Martin's quondam erection was still slightly hard after the cum.

After sex, their boss came into the cubicle and helped them get dressed. He had brought them a cool beverage and did not demand sex in return. "Witnessing power-fuck is good enough for me," he snorted. They thought that they had cleaned everything up, but the tiny spot of cum on the unused portion of the desk slipped by.

"I have a great boss," Martin said to himself as he prepared to penetrate the weekend.

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