Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breast Man

I love big beautiful breasts. The bigger the better. The more beautiful the better. The breastier the better. The better the better. I love breasts so badly that it makes my cock hard. Sometimes when I think about breasts while stroking my cock, cum comes out of my cock. That is how much I like breasts.

I like the feel of breasts. They feel like pillows made out of skin and fat. I want to rest on skin and fat so I rest on breasts. They feel so good. I feel like a great man when I sleep on a breast. Breasts make me tired and sleepy. Also hard and ready to fuck.

My favorite thing about breasts is probably the nipples. Nipples are the centerpiece of the breast. Even science knows this. Nipples come in all sorts of diameters and radii and types. My favorite nipples are puffy nipples. They make a man feel welcome enough to cum on all of a woman's things including her fine china. I don't know why this is.

Sometimes I see breasts in the street just bouncing around on women's chests. I want to go over to these women and shake them up and down so the breasts bounce even more. I want to shake them so bad that the women pass out and then I can cum on them in peace.

In conclusion, I do not think Barack Obama is a suitable candidate for president. He has no experience other than being a community organizer and a felon. Thank you.

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