Sunday, April 5, 2009


The two couple was sitting on top of a hill, gazing at the stars. They shared a kiss now and then. Although the action was somewhat kinky, they limited it to light pecks, saving more action for a later date.

"It is so beautiful to be here with you," whispered Shindig. She was a beautiful girl with thick curves and a well-cut. She swatted at a fly that was caressing her large, supple breasts. "Curse you, fly," she cried as she shook her voluptuous breasts. Ripples flowed through her cleavage like water on the surface of a pond. Her bra was hardly maintaining the shape of her mammoth mammaries.

"Shindig, what is the reason for such shaking," asked Skethe. He had a big cock, but he was not about to use it for a fly issue. He reached his hands down his pants and began to stroke his monster. His handle got tangled in the elastic band of his underwear and he blushed as he nervously struggled to untangle it.

"Skethe, you know I need that thing you've got," moaned Shindig. She could feel a simple thing near her clit and it was no insect. She reached her hand through her pussy again and again as Skethe tried to untangle his hand from the elastic wasteland. Juices began to flow from her twat masquerade. They promptly lubricated the ground and Skethe found himself slipping as he tried to free his hand. Using his other hand, he tried to free his stuck hand. It also got stuck as well, and Skethe fell tongue-first into the clit juice that he was sliding on. It went into his mouth, deeply.

"Shindig, please give me a place for this cock," cried Skethe. He coughed as the clit juice filled his lungs. His denim pants merely separated to free his cock. They vanished just as quickly as they had split. With the vanishing came the freedom of Skethe's hands. He promptly squeezed the breasts of Shindig as she swatted her clit. His cock rolled into her train slot almost immediately. Skethe thrusted with a fury that only a dead man could know. Shindig's moans were heard for miles as she became multi-fucked. The planets were aligned in the sky as the hill lit up with the fury of one hundred ejaculations. Skethe's cums were space-like and faced a launch unlike any typical star mission. The couple enjoyed the flaming sperms as they sat, once again, gazing at the stars.

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