Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sex Blood Bath

He slit open the virgin's neck and let the blood spray all over his wife's pussy. The virgin's dying words were muffled by the couple's loud sounds of pleasure. The man rubbed the blood all over his wife's breasts, paying careful attention to the nipples. As he rubbed blood and throat juices there, he licked it off carefully and cleanly.

The man thrust deeply into his wife; at the same time he stabbed a knife deeply into a nearby man's abdomen. As he fucked his wife deeper, he carved up the man's insides. A semen-like stream of blood rushed from the disembowelment and sprayed onto the wife's head. She moaned as blood ran down her face and smiled as she thought of what they would do next.

The wife slid her husband's erect cock out from her pussy and reached inside the disemboweled man's disembowelment. She grabbed a handful of organ parts, mostly liver and small intestine, and proceeded to wrap them around the cock of her husband. She began furiously stroking his cock with the organ parts. The man, being fully aroused, quickly reached orgasm. As he came, he grabbed the gun on the table and shot a teenage girl directly through the brain. As she collapsed on the floor, the wife put her bleeding head onto the table saw and began sawing it in half. Brains sprayed all over the man's glasses until he made a joke about only seeing brains. The man's semen fell upon the teenager's mangled body as if it had found its final resting place. It would only the final resting place for a very short while; the wife quickly smothered her tits in the bloody semen mixture on the teenage corpse, causing it to drip onto the floor.

Suddenly the prominent, well-liked politician woke from his nap. He would need to change his underwear because he had climaxed during one of his dream-fantasies again and needed to deliver a speech in one hour. The politician was unsure if his dreams were real. He pondered this thought as he munched on a decapitated head in his office.

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