Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slave Business

"What's with this slave business," cried Sandra, his wife.

"I'm not sure, dear," responded Martin, his husband. The two had embraced earlier. It was obvious by the small deposit of sperms at the foot of the bed. Sandra shouted as Martin rose to go shower, but it was too late. His foot landed in the sperms and they were instantly reabsorbed into his body. He turned back toward her.

"Must...fuck," he shouted as these new urges and impulses took over his regular mind. He was a thinker at work, but at home, he was a fucker. "I told you, don't leave the sperms around," he yelled as he unsheathed his cock once again and began to gargle his own saliva rapidly. Sound waves filled the room as his cock thumped madly against his mons pubis. Sandra's legs evaporated apart. Her juices had dried, only temporarily, however. She shifted her body around and began to moan as she imagined the re-release of sperms. She was a firm believer that even the same sperms could be sexy at least a second time.

The two thrusted quickly and moanedly as they approach sky-fuck. What they did not know is that they were pawns in a game of sexual chess. He and the woman both belonged to the sperms, not vice versa as expected. For the selfish sperms, this saucy act was just a way to go on a wild journey from tube to twat. The couple would fuck again once more before the sperms were satisfied for that day.

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