Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cunt of L'Arrak-Krrah

In the far reaches of the galaxies, far beyond anything you could possibly conceive, exists a planet known as L'Arrak-Krrah. On this planet, there is cunt. The cunt smell sweet like they were sewn from strands of sunlight and the cunt look like a mirror reflecting the sun into the sun into the sun.

Joseph Starfuck crash landed onto L'Arrak-Krrah one morning. All the cunt were out to pasture. He headed towards them, his cock rock hard and pointing straight ahead toward the cunt. He fucked each and every cunt in the pasture. Afterwards he lay on the space-grass and stared up at the space-sky. And out came Farmer Brown.

"WHY YOU FUCKIN MY CUNTS?" Farmer Brown said.

Joseph Starfuck shot Farmer Brown in the head with his space-laser and then went over and took a piss on a space-mango tree. He would live here for another 500 years, fucking cunt and pissing on mango trees.

R.I.P. Joseph Starfuck
10,045 AD - 10,590 AD

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