Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dick Adventure from Binnie

The strong man, Franz, and the suptius lass, Binnie, were about to meet after a thousand days of no sex. They embraced waiting hands into others, a knowing waiting sweaty clasp. Both were hot with anticipating sex. Their clothes disappeared into a sunset stained with semen and waiting beds. Their bed was waiting with glowing want. They climbed into eachother into the bed and melded into them. A dick in a pussy was the only thing now, now that they were together they could pursue this. His dick was ample, and her pussy was knowing. Her suptius, knowing pink puff, wanted him, knowing about his dick. Her juice cutter seemed to stretch around his plumping snake cock. They pierced it, and came to orgasm with desire, wanting eachother more. It doesn't stop.

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