Monday, May 18, 2009


This smut is just about a big, beautiful ass.

The kind of ass you want to unveil with one of those metal round shiny things that fancy people have their food kept underneath before they are going to eat it so that it stays warm while they are off washing their hands or taking a pee or whatever they're doing right before they are going to eat their food at their dinning table in the night-time.

This is the ass that the woman on the bus had. Each cheek of it was more perfect than the other. It was a shiny ass, because it was a hot day, and she was sweaty on her ass. She had no pants or panties on, and got away with it, because of how nice her ass was. Her legs and ass were so perfect it looked like she was wearing them. Nobody could believe it was actual flesh in front of them, but I knew what was up. I got right behind her and I fucked that ass until everyone on the bus knew the truth: that I was fucking a bare-assed woman on the bus.

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