Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gav Is Waiting

She was the most beautiful woman any of us had ever seen. Her name was America. She had her hair flowing, blond hair like a flag, and she had a squid. My friends and I would build forts outside her windows in the summer to stroke each others' boy penis, all watching through the window like it was a pornographic tape player, with her undressing and shoving beacons into her flipping girl tube. My friends were all young boys with cocks that we had our hands on the other boy's one.

Eventually America's parent discovered our Hide-And-Sex Fort and spent all summer grumbling around the yard for something to do, while boy semen dripped through the floor of the fort and fertilized Summer Competitiveness in the grass below. America never stopped becoming having no clothes on with her hand in her fish-port, it lasted all summer in the good old days. On the 4th of July our young shafts were turned into different colors by the juicy, sex-thinking fireworks exploding into orgasmic obsessed little boy dicks above. Our semen shot into the air above the fort and stayed there, and formed a swirling, flickery ball of multi-colored dazzling display of young one's cum-ball.

America's only parent with no gender shot at the Firework Ball of Kid Spank with his Intimidating Parent Gun, attempting to scare my masturbating friends and I away with loud noises and threats of expulsion. By this time though, this was nearing fall time, we were too determined to achieve Sex With Woman. As the leaves changed colors from ripe and sexy to old and withered-vagina, our mutual hand jobbing picked up its paced; we would need the semen reserves for the winter. The wind howled sometimes in the fall, and on one notably blustery day, the Dazzling Ball of Boy Matter was wrapped in leaves like a present for America.

When winter came, we congratulated the Happy Kid responsible for the idea of reserving our semen, as he surely saved us from the cold. His design for the Frozen Boy Cum Fort Top, coupled with our sweaty, collective Boy Jerking, kept us warm and satisfied through the long, waiting winter. The only unfortunate feature of the igloo being its necessary being-closed-in; we could not see America.

As the spring thaw came, I knew our friendships-for-life were cemented like the semen castle we had erected - like boy penis - around and above us. More than the warming of the surrounding air we were uplifted - and so were our young boy cocks - by the fresh site of America with her New Hair and New Dripping Gav. Our cocks with their still-pumping Friendly Hands were given new life. As well, the winter had coated our leafy, dazzling Ball of Boy Wonder, turning it into a depressing, shocking display of Young Boy Sex. America's single, breastless parent cried alone beneath our ball and drove his bloodied fists into the earth.

As summer neared, and as the ball was blanketed yet again - this time with the falling, flying petals of Amazing Flowers - we heard with a Wrench-from-a-Heart that America would be leaving soon for a new home, where she would study at university in the arts of "Pleasing In Her Man's Hidden Gav". The friendly boy-jerking stopped, the Ball of Dazzled Glorious Young Boy's Hard Earned Annual Thick Sleaze fell to the ground, crushing America's sad single parent. We tore the fort down, and all became very unsuccessful people.

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