Saturday, May 16, 2009

Victor Clumb and The Tooth'd Vagina, Part 1

The Tooth'd Vagina appeared at 12:37 PM in the alley behind Hector's Mannish Meats. There it claimed its first known victims:

Indentobimous Bog, a famous person. Known for making frequent and unannounced month-long journeys into Hector's Meat Dungeons; he was not missed for some time.
Esther Ether, a cloud of steam rising from a subway vent. A prominent member of the Sub-City Council, her aides and harem began searching for her immediately, fearing the worst.
Powq Sat, 12 Kg of concentrated starlight. No one in this story can see; thus, no one ever even realized Powq existed.

By 9:47 PM, the Tooth'd Vagina had been sighted performing a starring role in a major opera. Its performance was praised by Everyone. (All of whom were later eaten by the Tooth'd Vagina.)

At 7:30 AM the next morning, the Tooth'd Vagina existed in another place. It was the Zoo.

Esther Ether's harem encounters the Tooth'd Vagina in a Tight Place sometime between 10 AM and 4:58 PM. They insert their penises, but find the Tooth'd Vagina to be a formidable foe. No one is injured but the harem becomes despondent at their loss and soon disperses. Some of it finds its way to the North and condenses on Victor Clumb's Bosses' glass of frozen human blood.

Sometime during their Midnight Meeting, Victor Clumb's Bosses touch one of their hands to their glass and absorb the condensed ex-harem members.

By 10 AM the next morning, the formerly condensed ex-harem members have merged their consciousness with that of Victor Clumb's Bosses, and they learn a number of things about the extraction processes of various heavy metals. They also become very concerned about the disappearance of Esther Ether.

To Be Written More of Later. . .

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