Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The couple had enjoyed a night on the town. What was pleasant for the wife became a furious tension in the man. She had worn an elegant, diaphanous dress that highlighted her curves very well. The man had traced her curves with his cock so many times before. He could not do it in public, however, so his tracing was restricted to light movement of his erection as he imagine-fucked.

When the couple arrived home, the man felt his sexual hunger arise. His pulsing penis became a culinary tool as they prepared for a sex-feast. Her curves were ample enough that he could have fucked her clothed. He needed raw, however; the man required a raw, sexual meal. As she became naked, the man prepared his tools. Her clitoris would be his main target as it generally was.

He prepared the roll, working diligently to assemble it, flattening the rice and seaweed, only to fold it back up again. As it became tubular, the woman's tits swelled and began to shriek. The man's erection was almost coming out of his skin. He would require to fuck.

Her clit swelled with a furious lingering. He gently placed the roll around it and with the utmost care, removed any excess roll. He had created a perfect fit; any excess roll could be used on her nipples later. The roll was wrapped tightly around her clit and he began to massage the roll, being careful not to bite through it causing clit-sever.

The man slid his cucumber into the roll, along with a spicy crab mixture. As his wife moaned, the man made the deal sweeter and sweeter. His pulsing glands and oozing eyes glared into the very soul of his woman. His cock was spinning out of control. Sweat poured from his face and he actively struggled to contain his testicles. He resisted until he could resist no longer; he devoured the roll, clitoris and all. His cum shot all over his wife's breasts as the meal occurred.

His wife, although devoured, felt extremely satisfied. She had become his meal in exchange for cum. She though fondly of other parts she could give up as well. The man smoked marijuana.

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