Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sex Poem

Sex puts a dick in your ass
or a dick in your pussy.

This is a wondrous part of sex.

The groans and the moans
as your pussy hairs wave
to an incoming cock.

The orgasm of your orgasm.

Pussy fluid lubricating anything it touches.

Where can cocks be found,
if not in a pussy?
Waiting to be in a pussy.

I want to sniff cocks out,
like a pig to a truffle.
The Lord has made me this way.

Oh, my pussy gets so hot in temperature,
when you are near.

When you are far, my pussy drops to a temperature
as cold as ice, and I await your return.

You are the man for me, for sure.

Take my ass in your hands and lead me to a bed
so that you may impregnate my asshole with your seed.

I want to have a baby out of my asshole because of you.

Cum in my eyes so that I give birth to babies out of my eyes.
My holes are for having your babies.

I love you.

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