Monday, May 25, 2009

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cunt

Arthur was standing in his bathroom brushing his teeth and thinking of cunt when he noticed a giant cunt outside his window. 'Cunt', he thought to himself, and continued brushing his teeth.

Later on, while stroking his penis as he took a shit, he noticed the cunt outside the window again. 'Cunt', he thought to himself, and then continued stroking his penis as he took a shit.

Still later, he was eating toast for breakfast when he finally saw the cunt in all its glory through the front windows of his house. There were three giant cunts in fact, all facing his house. This was not acceptable.

Arthur ran out of his house and screamed 'Cunt!' at the cunts. The cunts queefed in his direction. He continued screaming 'cunt!' and the cunts continued queefing back at him. Nothing of value was being communicated, ao Arthur left and went to the pub. He would have went to the bar, but he's british.

At the pub, he sat down next to a black man. The black man had a giant cock that was so large it looked like he had his son sitting on his lap. Arthur fucked the black man in the bathroom 42 times and then they went to outer space.

The End

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