Sunday, May 24, 2009

Word Sex

The couple was deeply in the mood for sex. Usually, they had other people involved, sometimes other couples. As the group would deeply pile, more sex was thought of than actually realized. It was an odd predicament to be surrounded by so much sex that sex became a distant reality. However, for these couples, it became part of daily life.

For the single couple, they would indulge in pleasures that they would never forget. The man was tender; he had large thick muscles, but the only thing he would crush on his woman was her lack of orgasm. The woman was beautiful and full of depth; she had a beautiful mind and body, a face that the man could watch and breathe into. She was like a cloud to him and he drifted into her sky. Sometimes he saw beyond it; these things he saw would never forgive him and he could never forget.

Foreplay, although somewhat forgotten, was not an act of weakness. Each of the two would begin with simple words; these words would fire up the imagination just as genitals were inflamed. He cursed on occasion to wet her hair. She was like a high school principal; she would invite him to his office and fuck. He dreamed of students piled up on her desk, rubbing chocolate over their bodies. As a principal, she was gentle and had candy in her office for her students. They would not fuck her in the office; instead they fucked each other as she imagined them fucking her and fucked herself. The small words the couple used allowed for fantasies such as these to flourish. Simple words could make the man's erection throb deeply. The woman's parts had similar responses to simple words during the earliest sex.

When they proceeded to the actual sex, the words lengthened as the man's penis did. His woman's vagina would expand and spread itself into a world of pleasure. As they touched it, they mumbled words of great length and difficulty. The woman heard a word that made her ears perk up; she could definitely tell that the man had done his sexual dictionary practice. He often masturbated while expanding his vocabulary; the words entered his mind as the sperms left his body. The sperms would rebuild while his vocabulary remained reinforced. He had discovered a way for infinite expansion of his erotic potential. The two would climb on top of each other and the man would penetrate the woman. During the actual penetration, the man had words that he always utilized that would cause great wetness in his woman.

He would thrust and she would receive his cock. She would feel all of the ridges of his cock as it slid in and out of her well-oiled part. They would kiss as she felt pleasure. The act would need to reach a peak, however. These were experienced wordsmiths; they had heard nearly every word that had ever existed. Sex had occurred so many times that words had been assigned to nearly every emotion experienced during the sex act. This could become boring for the couple, so as they reached their climax, they would resort to gibberish and strange syllables. He would fuck so hard as strange words dripped from his mouth onto her willing mind. She would scream macabre sounds of nonsense as he sunk his teeth into her gentle flesh. He would grip her breasts with more sounds as she listened so intensely. She heard every sound of his and he heard every sound in the room. He needed to experience the room as much as he needed to experience her climax.

The gibberish would become so rich that recording it provided impossible. The man had tried to film their act numerous times and failed. The word-sounds were distorted and overwhelmed by the pleasure. Occasionally the man could recall a syllable that would cause instantaneous orgasm, even while casually traversing the halls of his workplace. He tried so hard to save these sounds for bathroom breaks or during his lonely time at home while he waited for his woman to re-arrive.

He would clench her as they both reached orgasm at the exact same moment. They had trained their bodies to arrive simultaneously, like two sex-cars at a sex-intersection. Instead of a crash, this collision would resemble a fluid transfer, with pleasure as its vessel. At the exact moment of climax, the gibberish would remain on a single syllable until the orgasm-experience would begin to fade. The climax of their word sex resembled a rebel yell, exclusively with the objective of fuck-synergy.

As the couple lay in bed, surrounded by the blankets of children, they would descend from their sexual heaven so slowly and gently. Light gibberish would occur, promptly followed by the words of kings and finalized with the words of peasants.

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