Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Penises

I am a hot, hot woman and I have big tits. 36-24-26 is my proportions. I'm toned and lovely. Beautiful face. So trust my opinion: Small penises are the greatest for fucking.

It's true. I love a small, puny penis on an overweight man. It is the best for fucking. It feels so nice in my tight pussy hairs. I like men who know how to sweat all day long. I especially like it when they sit in a chair in an air conditioned room watching Sliders on DVD. It is so hot that it makes me want to fuck myself with a small 2" limp dildo.

I like it when a man's glasses are so thick you could throw them off the empire state building and they wouldn't break. I like it when a man rubs tiny Risk infantry on my clitoral hood. It feels so nice on my clitoral hood for this to happen.

Have you ever eaten a perfect asshole? Mine is the perfect asshole. I only allow men with halitosis to eat it. Halitosis feels so nice on my anal nerve endings. Oh, how wonderful it is.

I am getting so wet writing all of this that I'm sliding off my chair. It's fucking unsafe for me to be writing this anymore, because I don't want to slip and fall and die.

Ciao for now,
Marissa the Minxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XO

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