Saturday, May 16, 2009

Victor Clumb and the Tooth'd Vagina, Part 2

If I tell you about I friend I have named Victor Clumb, you will probably think he is a person. He isn't this. Victor Clumb is an alien with a penis/an alien penis/an alien and a penis separately/an penis adventures. I made Victor Clumb up because he has done things I have not done. Perhaps I am envious of his. He adventures. But that isn't how he makes his living; he earns money selling treasure he finds in vaginas. The best place to look for treasure in a vagina is in the treasure room. It is just behind the Skene's Gland. He sells his treasures to an Icelandic Treasure Breaker (broker is the past tense, correct?).

Victor Clumb's Bosses send him to conquer the Tooth'd Vagina and rescue Esther Ether. Victor Clumb has Bosses because they are nice to him and they help him find treasure. He doesn't have to listen to them, because he is more powerful and adventursome than they are, but he never doesn't listen to them because they have a close Friendship Bond.

Victor Clumb climbs into his flight craft and flies to the last known location of the Sighting of the Tooth'd Vagina. It isn't there anymore, but it has left a resideau, and Victor Clumb is All Things if he knows how to follow a resideau. He follows the resideau to the place it leads to, and formulates his plan to conquer the Tooth'd Vagina.

He must find a way to prevent the sharp Teeth from puncturing his soft penis skin. Especially his fourskin. It is from this that Victor Clumb takes its strength. Victor Clumb goes to a blacksmith and purchases a specially-fitted penis sheath. It is made of metal. It may also have some spikes; no one really remembers.

Victor Clumb inserts his Adventure Penis into the Tooth'd Vagina's dungeonmouth. He kills some skeletons, zombies, and vampires, and finds Esther Ether. Unfortunately, she is also a vampire and tries to kill Victor Clumb's Penis and drink it's (sic) blood. But Victor Clumb is a crafty and defeats her. He loots her corpse and finds a ring he can take back to his Bosses as proof of his victory. He then sets several permacrete detonators along the cervix and pulls out just in time. They both orgasm, spilling semens and vaginal cunt's juice.

An anthill is flooded and an epic poem is written about it.

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