Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vial of Sex

The couple was working in their laboratory. Everything had been very calm thus far; they had finished a lot of work and were proud of their progress on their experiments. As they recorded data in the thick, brown book, they looked forward to the upcoming research that they would perform. The lab looked very stereotypical; all along the tables were glass jars and bubbling mixtures. The couple were looking to solve some immense scientific problems and would have to look deep within each other to do so.

Because this was work, the couple left their sex drive at home. These were not tables for a science-fuck. Work would occur there, but all scientists knew that two pulsing bodies could send weeks worth of research into oblivion.

The man knew of an incident that occurred to a colleague of his; this man had finished a tremendous project and had solved a major mystery of science. As he prepared to finalize his research, he became tempted by a co-worker's breasts. Her shirt had punctured as she was also finishing research. As her breasts erupted, the man's cock was already near her pussy. The juices created a science hazard site on the floor; the two would slip as they slipped into each other. As they fucked and came together, the research became obscured by clouds of smoky liquid left unattended. Puddles of vaginal fluid and smoky liquid caused scientific collapse. The orgasms were good, but years of lost research overcame their pleasures. Both were fired from science and were forced to join the army to kill others.

Close calls always happened at science-work. Sometimes the woman would spot a cock and rub her clit. The man would get his cock trapped in a cupboard and fuck it open. For science though, they had to keep themselves under control. No one in science ever said that fuck could not occur around science. It is just the lost research and dissolving of scientific mystery solutions that cause the science committee to limit fuck to the non-laboratory. These were extraordinary individuals, undertaking tasks that would cause ordinary men of non-science to weaken and simply-fuck.

The couple were working with a complex micro-protein as they tried to solve a mystery of science. The man, precise and careful, did the pouring of one test tube to the other. His cock would not prevent science today. His female companion would grab the correct liquid compounds and generally list down the daily progress in the thick brown book that was shared by everyone in science. They sometimes would share a wet kiss when some miracle of science occurred. The licking and kissing would not always cause a fuck. They were aware of this and through complex probability calculations, decided that kissing could be acceptable on the job.

Chemicals were placed in the proper slots on the science-tables. They were all clearly labeled with dark blue ink on thick card stock. The man requested a very specific compound. His companion sought out to grab it. She moved carefully and efficiently. As she grasped the compound, her science gloves protected her from any contamination. She brought it back to the man. This woman never made mistakes. Today would be the greatest mistake for her, however.

The science-man had requested a compound called "Lex," a compound of neutrons and particles and other complex objects. However, the woman had grabbed the "Sex" vial, carrying it back to her man. He never checked the label; science men relied on the efforts of science women to look at labels. As the man poured the compound - what he thought was "Lex" - into the mixture, science found itself undone. Thick, smoky compound fluid filled the room and the lungs of the couple. "Sex" overtook them; he lifted the woman onto the table and tore her lab-pants from her pulsing clit and labia. Her mons pubis was swirling and her tongue was reaching for a companion-mouth. Each thrust would undo science. His cock was racing for an ejaculation, something her thick, twisted twat was already craving, despite sex-intoxication only mere seconds before. He fucked so hard. She fucked so hard. They fucked so hard.

Science, a fragile art of meticulous note-keeping and examination, found itself toppled by realized sex-thoughts. Every time the woman's breasts jiggled, a number went missing or an entry vanished in the thick brown book. Thoughts of science disappeared as fuck-thoughts washed the mind. The man hoisted his companion into the air as he fucked her deeper and deeper. Test tubes shattered as the smoky liquid cleared from the room. As the man ejaculated, the woman moaned in deep ecstasy. Not surprisingly, a rare science note from a visiting scientist dissolved as small droplets of cum multiplied through the air and collected upon it, aided by the "Sex" fluid's property of unaided duplication.

Despite the devastating actions of the couple, the science committee would not find them guilty of research destruction. The student who had been responsible for closing up the lab the previous night was supposed to take the experimental "Sex" vial into a neutral zone. He had not done his job and was fired from science. As a student, he would never be allowed to practice science again. The couple, devastated by research-loss caused directly by their actions, still remained in ecstasy for a long while after the event. Sex while doing science was more potent than normal sex (mostly due to the chemical enhancements of science) and limiting it caused withdrawal symptoms not unlike those of drug-addicts. It was for this reason that laboratory-fuck was forever banned from science.

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