Friday, May 29, 2009

Evolutionary Sex

As everyone knows, Evolution gave us sex and it thus commands us to have as much sex as we can. This is a moral imperative. All life is holy to Evolution but it desires the Perfect Being and we must have the most sex to make this Holy Ghost real. This event will be called the Second Coming of Evolution. The First Coming, of course, refers to the beginning of life as Evolution's primordial semen.

I think the most important evolution in the history of it was the evolution of the Variable Length Penis (known in Europe as the Telescoping Prick). Before this evolution all the animals had to either walk around with a rock hard animal dick all day or remain limp and flaccid. This was a choice every animal made at birth. The evolution was made when a hard dick animal fucked a flaccid dick animal and they had a baby animal who was sometimes hard and sometimes flaccid.

If I may be allowed to hypothesize (no, I am not going to wait for your permission), I would like to give you my opinion about the next major evolution we will be given by Evolution. It is Interchangeable Genitals.

Evolution Bless You All!

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