Tuesday, June 9, 2009


She thickly gazed into his lust. He was sweaty; ten hours of workout would provide him with the man-stamina necessary to treat a woman as this to kind-fuck. She demanded domination-fuck on occasion, but after a long day at her job, she needed his tenderness, dripping from her wet innards. As he sat at his workout cataloging desk, she would brush by him. Her throbbing labia would be noticeable as it pressed upon his leg. As he felt her subtle labia-brushes, he began to dig his pen deeper and deeper into the paper. He had done a great deal of workout and needed to keep track of it. For him, it was human research. He would push his body through space and time as it would taken to its physical limitations.

The man was collecting his sweat as well. Any instance of sweat needed to be collected for his research. Sometimes this made their sex awkward. Sometimes as he was thrusting into his woman and hoisting her body above his own, their sweat would mix and this would frustrate him. He would still continue to slide his cock deeply into her. Sometimes he would slow it down so she could feel his cock so precisely; every ridge and edge was noticed during the slow in and out. He would run his hands down her back and grip her buttocks, his smooth fingers prodding the soft flesh. Sometimes he would gently place his lips on her nipples and suck with a precision of one-thousand Olympic athletes. He would kiss her thighs and run his tongue along her skin, drawing a line of saliva that would lead to her vagina, the thing he would eventually fuck if he wasn't already.

Sometimes he would kiss her neck and move to her ears, nibbling on them so gently. She loved this so much and would moan with the sound of one-thousand Olympic athletes. Often he would fuck her from behind, which she loved very much. His cock was angled downward, so this position would stimulate her g-spot more than she could handle sometimes. There was one instance where she passed out mid-thrust from all of the fuck-pleasure she was receiving. The man would continue and fill her limp hole with the cum of one-thousand Olympic athletes. He was a powerful man and worked hard in the gym so that he could fuck his woman.

Sometimes he would fuck his woman with his tongue; he did exercises for this and was able to simulate a powerful, albeit smaller, turbo-cock. He could move his tongue very quickly as he rammed his nose into her clitoris. The man had trained to soften the cartilage in his nose. It became a sensual device, not unlike that of a common nose-shaped sex toy the couple had frequently used that had inspired his bodily transformation. With muscles trained at the gym, the man could cause his nose to vibrate and send chills up the spine of his woman with the strength of one-thousand Olympic athletes. She was gorgeous when she came; he lived to see her cum and felt dead when she was not cumming. He always wanted her to cum harder than she had in the minutes before. Just imagining her not cumming could make the man run at double his normal speed. He could lift three times his normal threshold when imagining her not cumming. His nightmares were nightmares in which his woman never would cum constantly. Thankfully he lived more like his dreams. His woman craved his cock sometimes a lot. He wanted her pussy pressed up against his stomach. Sometimes this required some strange maneuvering, but she always did it for him. He could feel the edges of her pussy on his well-sculpted abs. He would desperately run his hands through his hair as he injected a variety of drugs into his spine. He would put his lips into a kissing position as she continued to rub him. Sometimes her juices would burn his skin. He wanted to burn like one-thousand Olympic athletes.

When their sweat got mixed, the man would become very angry. He had to collect the sweat, place it into jars, and boil the woman-sweat out of it. He would continue to fuck despite the fuck-sweat-mix; the thought of this hard work would still pollute his mind during every thrust with his cock. They were a good couple despite all of their problems and the man's unrealistic expectations for his own life that would probably kill him within a day or two.

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