Wednesday, June 17, 2009


"Give me all your faggot money!" the young, likely black ruffian demanded. He prodded the old man's spine with his pistol, edging him around the corner and into the shadowy alley.

The old man reached into his pocket.

"No funny stuff," said the disenfranchised person-of-colour.

The old man pulled out his wallet and opened it.

"Turn around!"

The old man turned and faced his robber. The boy was barely legal, and dressed in an undershirt and baggy jeans. His curly chest hair was bouncy and seductive.


The old man's hands shook as he opened his wallet and leafed through his money.

"Come on!"

The old man fanned out several heterosexual money.

"That's all you got? No faggot money?"

The old man gulped. His hands were shaking. "I don't use faggot money. I'm not a homosexual."

"You're not a homosexual?"

"No, son."

"Dammit!" the negroid urchin exclaimed. He looked around, thinking. "Alright, can you get me any faggot money anywhere?"

"I don't know any faggots."



"Alright, fuck this." The living darkness incarnate crashed the gun against the old man's temple and he fell to the ground, out like a light.

What came next was gay sex of epic proportion. You have never seen such a penis in all your life. It was like a tree branch sprouting from his loins, dark and gnarled. The veins were thick as guitar cable.

Oh, how that penis was shoved into that old man ass. What a mess of blood and enjoyment. You should've seen it. If you'd only seen it, you'd know.

The pounding lasted hours, and then the old man was pumped full of so much cum that it shot out of his nose as if he had been drinking milk and someone had told him a joke.

After, the old man was dragged to the nearest bank, and inside to the next open teller.

"This is a faggot!" the teenaged african exclaimed to the teller.

"I see," said the teller.

The chocolate person handed the teller the old man's regular money, and it was exchanged for faggot money.

"Will that be all today?"

"Yes," said the sentient licorice stick.

"Thank you and have a nice day."

"You, too."

The brown spectacle exited, and later gave the money to his favorite charity.

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