Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chinese Girls

Chinese girls are the best kind of fuck. They bring luck to anyone who fucks them. The type of luck varies. You never know what specific luck energy a chinese girl will bring you.

Each type luck of luck is represented by a gem:

Ruby -You will have good fortune in powerful matters. You will win your next seven fist fights.

Sapphire - You will misplace some rope on your ship. When you find it again, it will be double the rope you thought you had.

Pearl - The stock market will crash, and it will be your fault. You will marry a woman in a bread line. She will have giant breasts, great for squeezing, and her pussy hairs will be so soft you'd think she were a prince. She is pregnant and lactates. You will drink her milk. It is a time of famine, but you survive with her on breast milk, bread, and pregnancy fucks.

Emerald - Money, money, money! You will have so many stacks of money, for no reason at all. The catch is you are now gay.

Gold - Two dragons on the top of your building that you never knew were there. They will be yours for transportation. The second dragon is for your eventual wife. You will never have an eventual wife.

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